Valentine?s Day in London

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Hey guys?!

How are you doing?? Is the London life suiting you? Today is Valentine?s Day! Love is in the air, the birds are singing and it is time to wander around hands in hands with your loved-one in streets of London. The thing is, if you?ve just arrived in London, it can be difficult to know where to go and what to do. That?s why we wrote this article, to help you surprise your lover with these romantic activities

If you work in London and you have a day-off, take that day to go in these few places to enjoy a perfect Valentine?s Day in London.

First-of-all, what could be better than a breakfast or a delicious afternoon tea in London like real British people?

London is full of little caf?s and restaurant to fill your mouth with delicious tastes that you are not used to. Some of them are really original. So, why not go to an original place for a Valentine?s Day in London this year?

Aafternoon teaFor example, you could go to Claridge?s Hotel. Its atmosphere is really fancy and delicate, it is one of the most prestigious place to have a tea in London. If you?re interested, here is the address: Claridge?s Hotel, Brook St, Mayfair, W1K 4HR, London.

You can be served from 15pm to 15:30pm or from 17pm to 17:30pm

Another option could be Paramount. If you are into Ice Cream, you surely will enjoy this afternoon-tea in London with delicious cakes and even cocktails. Here is the address for you: Paramount, Center Point, 101-103 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DD, London

It is opened every day from 15pm to 18pm.


Romantic afternoon-tea in London: Done! Next step is a romantic walk in the city. It is the perfect plan if you are tired of your work in London. Take some fresh-air and a day-off to go these cool places in London.

Why not be a little classic and go for an amazing romantic walk in London in South Bank?! Walk through the must-sees that are in this place, like the London Eye and Big Ben. You will also be very close to Westminster. The perfect walk for a Valentine?s Day in London. Just click on ?South Bank? if you want more information about the place.


If you feel like this is too classic and you want some original places, do not worry. Seven Dials and Neal?s Yard is the perfect match for you. It is very close to Covent Garden but not as famous. You and your soul-mate will be in a calm place in London to just walk and talk, discovering how romantic London is. Click on ?Seven Dials and Neal?s Yard? to get more information about the place.


If you?re planning on spending some money on your Londoner Valentine?s Day, you could go to Harrods! But if you don?t want to because your work in London is not enough to do some shopping, or if you just study in London, don?t worry. You can still go for the pleasure of your eyes. It is a very luxury shopping center in London. The presentation of the products is enough to fill your eyes with wonders. Care for more information? click on ?Harrods? .


THE SHARDNow your romantic day in London is almost done. But what is the best way to end it? We got the perfect plan for you!

The View from The Shard is the place to go if you want to admire London by night. And what is more romantic in London than a glass of champagne in front of a view. It will make you feel like you are Superman, flying around London. This plan is also perfect if the schedule of your work in London finishes late. The Shard closes pretty late so you can enjoy it after work. Want more information about it? Click on ?The Shard?.


Now you have all the keys in your hands to spend a perfect Valentine?s Day in London. If you are single, don?t worry. London is full of Anti-Valentine?s Day parties. Or you can just do these activities with your friends. Bromance is the best! If you need to study or work in London during the week, don?t worry, you can do this program on the weekend.

Here are our advices to spend a great Valentine?s Day in London. We hope that you liked this list and that you?re going to have fun by doing it. Don?t hesitate to leave a comment to let us know how was your Londoner Valentine?s Day.

Happy Valentine?s Day?guys?!

See you soon,

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