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London Fashion week February

Hey guys!

Today, we?re going to show you that there are other things to do than working or studying in London. The city is full of main events and one of them is coming tomorrow? IT?S THE LONDON FASHION WEEK 2017!! Yes girls, this post is for you!

But do you really know what the Fashion Week is? Here is little reminder just for you! It was first organized in 1984 et is now occurring every 6 months. There are two Fashion Weeks per year: one for the Fall/Winter season, et one for the Spring/Summer season. London?s Fashion Week is one of the biggest in the world along with the New York Fashion Week, Paris?s and Milan?s. There always is a week for men fashion and another one for women fashion

You must be wondering ??But isn?t it only for invited people??. And the answer is no! Well, not entirely. The first days of the Fashion Week are presentations of new collections for designers and press. After these presentations, starts the London Fashion Week Festival which is opened to the public. You can see catwalks, by new collections and talk with experts! All this for between 20 and 60 pounds!

The Fashion Week will be from the 17th to the 21st of February, for designers and press, and from de 23rd to the 26th for the public

If you booked your tickets and want to go there, we know that it is always hard to know what to wear at events like this one. That?s why we decided to bring our fashionista side to the blog to help you, fashion addict, to find the perfect outfit for the London Fashion Week.

No brands!

I know it seems weird for some of you but it is the truth. The brands that will be presented will be worn by the models. They are some kind of advertisement figures for the brands. They?re role is to present and promote them. If you wear one the brands that are presented, it will be just as if you were promoting the brands and that is not your role. So, no brands! Don?t worry, you will find other occasions to wear your beautiful expensive dresses. 😉

Next season, touch of the current one.

All the models will be stressed for the season Spring/Sumer 2017. You would seem out of fashion if you came with clothes from Fall/Winter 2016-2017 season. But since you want to show that you are always up-to-date with fashion, a little reminder is always welcomed.

Here are a few examples of the combination you could make:

-A long light dress with micro florals and clear-colored. Micro florals will be super trendy next season, it reminds people that it is the season of the weddings! But for a touch of the current one, wear a jean jacket or a Denim garment. It is pretty classic but it works in every season.

Micro Floral?Ruffles

-A ruffles fabric piece of clothing for Spring/Summer 2017, with a touch of leather.


You can wear some leather jacket or leather trousers for the season Fall/Winter 2016-2017


If you need more inspiration, know that the current season also includes: Long coats, metallic shine, fur and velvet.

For next season: Ruffles, micro florals and shoulders out.

No extravagant dresses.

We always we should wear big extravagant dresses at the London Fashion Week, to dress as if we were invited to a gala. Well, it is absolutely not the case! If you look like you made a big effort with you outfit, you will look ridiculous. Most of the people come with chill clothes with no pressure. The first reason why you come is to see the new collections, you are not going to be catwalking. So, there is no reason to wear extravagant dresses. Just be yourself and enjoy the show!

Bonus: A White Bandana

I know it seems a bit out of trend, but this was brought to us at the New York Fashion Week thanks to Donald Trump himself. At the American fashion week, several models et people of the public were wearing a white bandana, on their wrist or bag, to show support to the communities that were banned from USA. This symbol is a way to tell the white bandanaworld that our differences should not tear us apart and that we should love each other for who we are.

There it is! Our guide the London Fashion Week 2017 is finished. Don?t forget that it is from the 17th to the 21st of February for the presentation of the new collections, and that it will be open to the public at the London Fashion Week Festival from the 23rd to the 26th of February. I hope you asked for a day-off at your work in London and that you booked your tickets!

If you can?t go this time, don?t worry. You?ll get a second chance for the presentation of the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 collection.

But there are a lot of other events that will satisfy all the fashion addicts like you and me.

If you like wedding dresses, don?t miss the White Gallery Bridal Show. During this event, you will see beautiful catwalks of wedding dresses created by designers. You can already book your tickets to go there from the 14th to 16th of May.

To you, an outfit is not complete without accessories? Then the London Accessories Show of the 16th of July will be perfect for you. You can do a lot of activities that are like the London Fashion Week?s one, but centered around accessories.

You don?t know what to do in September except from studying and working in London? Then you should go to the International Jewelry London. There, you will be able to buy jewelries and learn more about how to wear them, how they are made and meet experts. Great for necklaces fans. You can already book the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September to go there!

Have a great Fashion Week and keep it trendy! 🙂

As you can see, London is one of the most fashion city in the world. There are a lot of opportunities to discover new things that passionate you.

By the way, if you don?t know what to do during this weekend in London and if you didn?t have the time to celebrate Valentine?s Day on Tuesday, here are our plans to spend a perfect Valentine?s Day in London.

See you soon!

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