Big Ben is Closed !

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Hey guys !

How are you doing today ? Are you working in London ? Or maybe you?ve started studying in London recently ? If so, I hope you enjoy your new life ! And if you still don?t know if you want to come, you should take a decision quickly. Let me explain why.

If you were planning on visiting Big Ben in the next few years, go now because our old friend Ben will be closed for the next three years to get its youth back.?

Indeed, Big Ben will be put to silence later this year for the first time since 2007 for three long years. The tour was getting too old and needed some lifting so the government chose to help it be as beautiful as before and work as well as in its first days.

The operation should cost 29 million pounds and includes work for waterproofing, a whole new lift for disabled people, reparation of the clock hand mechanism and the pendulum.

The four-faced clock will be covered up, apart from one face that will still be out for us to see.

The decision was taken in order to avoid a multi-billion renovation in the 2020?s since the Elizabeth Tower was starting to be in a bad condition.

So let?s enjoy these last few months and take a lot of pictures of our cherished tour before we forget what it looked like before being covered up.

Best luck to you Ben, get well and healthy!


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See you soon,

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